Married To Flowers

Behind the Holly Chapple Flowers  Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts of beautiful flowers, stunning events and flower friend adventures is a visionary with a never-ending stream of artistic ideas, dreams and goals. That is Holly Chapple. And behind the flurry of artistic endeavors the world sees,  you'll find the man who works day after day behind the scenes to keep life running smoothly for the Chapple family, The Chapel Designers and the HCF Studio & Gardens. He's Evan Chapple. You probably won't see a lot of Evan on social media or hear him interviewed in an industry publication, but if you hang around long enough, you'll begin to understand how his quiet steady presence is crucial to the success of the HCF brand. 

Image courtesy of   Mikhail Loskutov Photography

Image courtesy of Mikhail Loskutov Photography

A glimpse into Evan's career background makes it easy to understand the weight of his importance in the day-to-day operations of the HCF company. For 30 years, Evan worked in various facets of the construction industry including industrial, commercial and residential construction. From 1991 to 2011,  he worked as a telecommunication engineer where he honed his expertise in design, implementation, logistics, public speaking, team leadership, multi-vendor coordination, documentation and research and analysis. And in 2011, Evan left his career to join Holly Heider Chapple Flowers full-time to manage the day-to-day operations. Now you understand why it's widely believed that Evan can do anything!

Images courtesy of: (UL and LL)    Astrid Photography   with  Jes Gordon  and (r)   Jodi Miller Photography

Images courtesy of: (UL and LL)  Astrid Photography with Jes Gordon and (r) Jodi Miller Photography

With  Robbie Honey  (l) and  Nick Priestly  (r)  Image courtesy of  Modern Vintage Weddings

With Robbie Honey (l) and Nick Priestly (r) Image courtesy of Modern Vintage Weddings

Evan is instrumental to the success of The Chapel Designer conferences, both behind the scenes as he methodically sees to hundreds of details leading up to the conferences and also in sharing his knowledge and insights with the designers at the conferences.  His construction and engineering expertise are crucial to the development and execution of new HCF design concepts. Holly often dreams up a concept  for a stunning event and Evan engineers the mechanics to bring her vision to life while considering logistics and structure stability. In addition, Evan founded the Custom Lighting & Drape division of the HCF company which has largely contributed to the studio's ability to produce exquisite, fully designed events. 

Attend a Chapel Designer conference and you're likely to spot Evan working in the background tending to details related to the facilities and the designers' needs. 

Images courtesy of: (UL and LR)   Astrid Photography   (UR and LL)   Diana Marie Photography

Images courtesy of: (UL and LR) Astrid Photography (UR and LL) Diana Marie Photography

Image courtesy of   Lauren Carnes Photography

Image courtesy of Lauren Carnes Photography

Evan's ability to entertain those around him...and photo bomb...are some of our favorite qualities! The floral event industry tends to be a high-intensity pressure cooker much of the time and Evan's comic relief reminds us to laugh.

Images courtesy of   Astrid Photography

Images courtesy of Astrid Photography

The admiration, love and gratitude that Holly has for Evan is evident as she watches him share his 'take' on the business with audiences. And occasionally, he shares a little more than she is anticipating...

As valuable as Evan is to the HCF company, his care for his family is even more impressive. As a husband and father of 7, Evan also coaches, cooks, gardens and tends to the daily activities of the Chapple family. We can't thank you enough, Evan Chapple (aka @married2flowers), for what you mean to the Chapple family, the HCF company and The Chapel Designers! We love you!