How do I become a Chapel Designer?

Membership in the organization begins with your participation in a Chapel Designer designated workshop or Floral Intensive Session with Holly Chapple if you meet the membership criteria mentioned below. Once you are a Chapel Designer you may remain a Chapel Designer by 1) attending a Chapel Designer event at least one time during the year, or 2) paying an annual membership fee of $400.00 . Attendance at an official Chapel Designer conference or workshop on or before your renewal date waives the annual membership fee. If you do not renew your membership annually you will be required to attend a Chapel Designer event to rejoin the organization.

To be an official Chapel Designer one must have the appropriate floral design business license for his/her area, a web presence (active business website required and Facebook/Instagram business pages preferred), and be the owner of the floral design company. We do allow other industry designers, planners, freelancers or floral design employees to attend our annual conferences, but full membership benefits do not apply to these attendees.

The Chapel Designer group also has a list of obtainable goals created by Holly Chapple. These goals help to ensure that membership in this organization continues to promote professional growth and continued growth of this organization. From this list each designer must complete at least three of these goals per calendar year. 

Due to our growth, we have many Chapel Designers within the same market. Our code of ethics dictates that we assist and encourage the growth of other designers including those within our own markets. Any designer who violates the trust of this organization will be asked to leave. We are good to each other.

Benefits of Chapel Designer Membership?

  • Invaluable support and guidance from industry peers.

  • Access to the Chapel Designer private forum

  • Industry sourcing discounts

  • Guidance from Holly as needed

  • Use of the Chapel Designer Logo in your marketing materials

  • Periodic mentions on the Chapel Designer blog and Chapel Designer social media sites

  • Business listing at

  • Collaboration opportunities with fellow Chapel Designers on photo shoots, destination weddings/events and special projects