The History of the Chapel Designers

From Holly Heider Chapple, Founder:
“Via social media I have had the pleasure of developing relationships with floral designers all across the U.S. & around the world. In 2010 I asked via twitter “who wants to meet me in NYC?.” Much to my surprise 16 designers met me in NYC, for the first annual Chapel Designers event. All of a sudden I was planning a conference…

As our trip approached it became very clear that we needed a name for our group. Because we are floral and event designers who direct our talents toward the wedding market, I named the group the 'Chapel Designers'.

After our first gathering in NYC it became abundantly clear that this group was going to thrive, gather, grow, and one day set the standard for wedding and event floral designers. We are currently planning our 9th trip to NYC and we have added the London Chapel Designer Conference as well. Over the years we have met with many renowned designers, business advisers and suppliers in the floral industry.  We have enjoyed sponsorships or donations from key industry wholesalers, farms, suppliers, blogs and publications.”