Chapel Designers London

            Six years ago, the Chapel Designers organization began. A simple idea that struck the founder’s mind, a meet-up of florists and wedding professionals in New York City, has grown and become an international conference and hub of floral professionals worldwide. As Holly and Evan Chapple gear up to fly to London for the Chapel Designers London 2016 Conference, we have been looking back on where we have been, and forward at where we are headed.

            While this conference started in New York, we have visited a myriad of different places. From California to Canada, Australia to our new farm in Waterford, Virginia, Chapel Designers meet all over to grow and learn and teach one another. This year, Holly and Evan are going to London for the second time, and it is because of that event that we have been privileged to meet designers from all over the United Kingdom. As we spread and as we flourish, it is an honor to look back on reviews of experiences from our Chapel Designers as they first began.  Here are a couple we received after the first CD London Conference last year. 

"Warning ⚠: This conference can seriously affect your business.  At first I wondered if I could afford to attend The Chapel Designers conference 2015, now 8 months later the investment has dramatically taken my business to another level. The combination of a room full of passionate flower folk, expert demonstrators, the heart of Holly Chapple and the abundance of yummy blooms made the atmosphere electric." 

- Jil Peterson, The Stables Flower Co.

"It’s difficult to articulate what truly goes on at a Chapel Designers conference. I am not given to over-blown statements of emotion or sentimentality but the experience of CDLDN2015 blew my mind. Absolutely. I went in search of inspiration and guidance and walked away days later with something far, far greater. I have always known the kind of designer I wanted to be and the kind of aesthetic I wanted to uphold in my work. I wasn’t stuck to find my place and I wasn’t looking for answers. Yet at Chapel Designers, you forget what you think you know. Instead you open yourself up to one of the most incredible learning experiences of your life. You are surrounded by designers you do not know; you’ve never met them before, but you somehow know that they are YOUR people. It’s the most inclusive, engaging, inspirational and wonderful experience and you throw yourself in wholeheartedly and you gain huge returns. The support and understanding is fundamental to the whole experience and that does not end with the conference. In fact after the conference the CD forum means you get to meet your international CD sisters and brothers and the rules of openness and honestly there are the same. Chapel Designers are support, growth, honesty and hope and in this environment, creativity cannot help but run wild and from this, you and your business will reap huge rewards both in terms of creative and financial fulfillment."

-Beth Forbes-Simpson, Forbesfield Custom Floral Design & Styling

Thanks to Modern Vintage Weddings for the amazing photos!