Opportunity Knocks For CD Tasha Frye

Over the years, we've come to greatly appreciate the significance and impact each designer's career path and personal journey make on the Chapel Designer organization as a whole. Stories of struggles, accomplishments, heartache and growth weave layers of richness into the Chapel Designer experience. Today we want to introduce one of those designers to you and share part of her story. Tasha Frye, owner of L'Arrangement (Denver, Colorado), joined the Chapel Designers in 2015 and has been steadily growing and evolving since we first met her in NYC. Although her growth and artistry are inspiring, it's her kindness that we cherish most. 

TASHA: "It really was meant to be that I came across a mention for the Chapel Designers NYC 2015 Conference just 2 weeks before the event. I had never heard of Chapel Designers and inadvertently saw a post from another designer's Instagram feed mentioning the upcoming NYC event. Within hours of investigating further through the website and starting the registration process to see if I could read more information about the workshop and group, I exited out of the PayPal link without completing registration by submitting payment and went to bed. The next morning, Evan Chapple had left me a voicemail stating that he had noticed that I had tried to register but that the payment did not finish. He wanted to know if I had experienced any difficulty with the PayPal system and wanted to hold a space open for me if I still wanted to come as there were only 2 spots left. I sat on it for most of the day as I didn't know and got busy with other things. At the persistence of my daughter, I called Evan back. He spent over 20 minutes on the phone with me answering all my questions about Chapel Designers and the benefits of becoming a member. There was only one spot left when I called him back. I told him I wanted the spot and finished up with PayPal as soon as I got off the phone with him. Within minutes, I noticed the "sold out" message was posted on Instagram. I had no idea what to expect in NYC. It was an amazing few days of information and experience that I was grateful for."

Images courtesy of   Lauren Carnes Photography

Images courtesy of Lauren Carnes Photography

"However, it wasn't until I returned home and continued on that the true value of being a part of this incredible group has manifested itself to me as I read over the FB posts and messages. The amount of teamwork, sharing, sourcing and encouragement to one another has been amazing to witness and has provided the confidence of being able to tackle new projects and stretch further. I really didn't know where I wanted to take my designing or if I wanted to keep my retail store. I still don't have the answers to everything but who ever does? There are many seasons for all of us in this life and they continue to change and evolve over time. Yet, I have done things I never imagined I would or even knew how to do, because of becoming a Chapel Designer. Recently, after seeing Kristy Rice's Instagram post seeking a floral designer for a France shoot...I actually emailed her with photos of some of my recent work after being personally recommended by my calligrapher friend. I would have never had the confidence before Chapel Designers. I knew I was part of a community that could provide answers if I had questions. Which is exactly where I turned after Kristy Rice contacted me and offered me the opportunity which also includes making a floral capelet for this shoot.  Without the network within Chapel Designers, these opportunities and experiences would not have been mine, nor did I ever consider them for me. When Kristy Rice posted on Instagram the team she had assembled for this shoot, I smiled when I saw the photo she used for me. It was a photo she had taken off my Instagram feed that was taken at CDNYC2015 of the bouquet I had made and was photographed by Lauren Carnes. It couldn't have been more fitting symbolically as it is because of that very CDNYC2015 experience, that I get ready to board a plane to Paris on Friday and be part of another great opportunity. Thank you Holly, for creating this incredible forum of friendship, encouragement, education and growth which has opened doors and stretched horizons."

Wondering what happened when Tasha stepped off that plane in Paris? She went to work and made some magic...

Chapel Designer Tasha Frye L'Arrangement Greg Finck Photography
Chapel Designer Tasha Frye L'Arrangement Greg Finck Photography
Chapel Designer Tasha Frye L'Arrangement Greg Finck Photography
Chapel Designer Tasha Frye L'Arrangement Greg Finck Photography
Images courtesy of   Greg Finck Photography

Images courtesy of Greg Finck Photography

To see more of Tasha's work, visit her on Facebook or Instagram.