Chapel Designers NYC 2015 | Day Three

The final day of the NYC 2015 conference began with a short brisk walk to the offices of Martha Stewart for an inspiring tour.  A glimpse inside the prop closet caused quite a stir and provided a boost of creative energy that kept the Chapel Designers talking about it for hours...days...ok, they're still talking about it!

 The CDs paused for a quick group picture before heading back to the Helen Mills Event Space for a final day of learning. 

Following lunch at Rare Bar & Grill, the Chapel Designers settled into the Helen Mills Theater to hear Ariel Dearie of Ariel Dearie Flowers talk about her floral design path from New Orleans to Brooklyn. As she spoke, she designed a gorgeous large-scale urn arrangement while providing design tips along the way. 

Next, Meg Biram shared  personal experiences using Instagram in her work as  a full-time blogger, consultant, artist, and entrepreneur and offered tips for utilizing Instagram in the business of floral design. And, finally, the CDs got some practical advice from Regina on using Quickbooks in the day-to-day operations of their businesses. As the Chapel Designers know...behind all the beautiful flowers the public sees on social media are loads of invoices and spreadsheets to navigate.

Jes Gordon of Jes Gordon properFUN helped close out the conference as only Jes can! After sharing an inspiring and honest account of her flower journey and  encouraging the Chapel Designers on their own journeys, she was surprised by a Chapel Designer in the audience who shared his plans for getting a tattoo in her honor in 2015 (see her reaction in the photos above). After an emotional closing by Holly & Evan Chapple., the 5th Annual CD NYC Conference was complete. Until 2016...

Photography: Lauren Carnes Photography  &  Astrid Photography